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He did an excellent job in picturization of songs with exotic flavor. She is given two songs in this film. Finally Srinivas and Srivalli comes to know that they are in love with each other. Here he wants both their love, they too are willing but hesitates due to the fear of violating the norms of civilized society.

Yuvaraju Theatrical release poster. Yuvaraju is a Tollywood film directed and produced by Y. This story of Yuvaraju is pretty thin. Finally, anurag 10 pro software the movie ends on a happy note by all of them are living under one roof. The movie's music was popular prerelease but the controversial climax earned the movie the wrath of women audience and it bombed at the box office.

During the time of marriage, Rajesh is shocked to see Karuna and he reveals her the entire story. They do not share any other relationship than being good friends. Srivalli comes to know that these guys know eachother in abroad from the brief observation at her engagement ceremony.

Actually, Aasha is an amnesiac patient who can not recall her past. Incidentally Teja happen to listen this confession between Sreenivas and Srilata. The soundtrack featured eminent singers like S. That's how Teja came onto earth kicking and alive.

Karuna Sujatha gets acquainted with Rajesh, she silently loves him even knowing that he is a vagabond because of his ideologies. Teja knows that Sreenivas is his father. They break the news followed by a lavish engagement ceremony. This article needs additional citations for verification. After that Rajesh moves to the city along with Aasha, due to her problem she shows an unknown person Puli Papa Rao's Allu Ramalingaiah house as her own and claims him as his father.

Yuvaraju ( film)

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Realizing that Rajesh is already married, she is willing to sacrifice her love but Karuna is also already to do so. Rajesh Akkineni Nageswara Rao a millionaire, enjoys the life in the frolic. Rajesh convinces them not to forego their happiness due to cowardice and to face society with courage. The film was dubbed in Hindi as Ek Aur Rajkumar.

There is this sexy dame called Srivalli Saakshi Sivand that attracts him with her looks. Just go and watch it to know the climax. The background music is good and it appears familiar as he tried to score the tunes of Hindi film as the background music there by making us remotely familiar. His dialogue delivery must improve.

Rajesh could not gaze it and starts loving her imagining as his dream girl. He breathed in life into the film. Chowdary Chintapalli Ramana. He made most of this opportunity by acting like a veteran. Finally Srnivas and Srivalli comes to know that they are in love with eachother.

Yuvaraju Telugu Movie Songs Lyrics

Srivalli comes to know that Srinivas and Srilata know each other since they met in abroad few years ago, from the brief observation at her engagement ceremony. Its hard to see Mahesh Babu in the role of father.

First half is boring as all it showed is showcasing Mahesh Babu in different attires and there by failing to hold the interest of viewers. But its her demure action that won the laurels. The camera work by Ajay Vincent is simply superb. But the creativity lies in improvising it and making it better than the original.

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Now Rajesh goes in search of to Aasha, by the time, she regains her memory, who is Jyothi and returns to her home. Once Rajesh goes to their estate where he saves a beautiful, innocent and charming girl named Aasha Jayasudha from the hands of a bunch of goons. Lyrics were written by Dasari Narayana Rao.

Though her heart is broken she calls off their marriage. For the placid viewers then comes the excitement in the form of Srilata Simran who arrives in nick of time to attend the engagement.

Please wait till the trade reports pour in. But his touch of magic is intact.

As the day of wedding is approaching fast, the thick plots unveils by Sreenivas suspecting that there is something fishy about Srilata. One night they get sexually interacted. But his princely charmingness carried the onus and did justice to his role.

There is nothing wrong in getting inspired. Theatrical release poster. Though a couple of tunes are lifted from a Hindi film and a few English albums. But it was the second half that has taken a U turn.

We gotta wait and watch how the masses receive this film that is hard to digest in terms of storyline and the characterization of Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu Simran Sakshi Shivanand.

Karuna nurses him back to health when he realizes that she is still in love with him when he too loves and decides to marry her. But his directing skills in the second half are very good and he proved that he can show the sensible relationships between the characters in his films. Upon inquiring Srinivas admits that Srilata was his tour guide when he visited Europe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Music composed by Chakravarthy.

Yuvaraju Telugu Movie Songs Lyrics

Srinivas Mahesh Babu has just returned to India and joins a college in Hyderabad. It was only realized when Srilata came to know that she has become pregnant after three months. The holistic approach is missing in his direction. She runs a orphanage to any of her collegemates as she do not want to get their sympathy. Ramana Gogula has given very good music.

List of Yuvaraju Songs with Lyrics

Venkat Akkineni Nagarjuna Akkineni. Films directed by Dasari Narayana Rao. Meantime Vamsi is flying down to India and propose his love to Srivalli. In fact, Srilata loved Sreenivas with all her heart.

Simran enters the film at the time of interval and dominates the whole second half with her demure and under played emotions. Srilata admits to Sreenivas that her husband has left her. The only difference is that Namrata dies in the Hindi version in half and Simran stays full. He must make sure that all these well pictured shots should be knitted well enough to hold the attention of viewers. Telugu-language films films Indian films s Telugu-language films.

Yuvaraju Telugu Movie Songs Lyrics