With her amazing storytelling skills Ms. It's true, don't make that face at me. Poor Denny - not the brightest fella to leave his girlfriend with an obscenely gorgeous man-whore, who has no morals. But I did understand her difficulty.

You all would not have guessed some of these. This is a rather lengthy novel, coming in at over pages. Is it possible to have a hesitant relationship with a love or hate book?

She was in this really impossible situation. New Adult literature is supposed to fill the liminal period between adolescence and adulthood, and deal with the emotional and social situations within. This might make him sound like a weak character, but the way S. She fearful and indecisive.

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The rest of the episode follows Carrie spreading the gospel of her indignance over the thoughtless goodbye. Why did the author repeat that so much? Because I think that's where my mind is at. His light, sandy-brown hair was a thick, sql accounting software wild mess. Kellen Kyle or Christian Grey?

No joke, her blushing at something happened on every fucking page let alone every chapter! Back and forth connection. Need even more definitions?

Examples from the Web for thoughtless The rest of the episode follows Carrie spreading the gospel of her indignance over the thoughtless goodbye. That said, this girl should have put on her big girl pants and figured out what to do after it happened once, twice, etc. Oh my dear ice-cream, how I love you. You can't help but fall for the tortured rock star.

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At first, he's purely a friend that she can lean on, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship. This review is a easy one for me. Her indecisiveness could have gotten its own postcode.

This book takes the concept of Too Stupid To Live to a whole new level. He can be described as the troubled and tortured up-and-coming rock star who has had women throwing themselves at him since his adolescence. He was pretty upfront about who he was.

Translation of thoughtless for Spanish Speakers. Denny was just maimed in this book. This the single most outrageous book I have ever read in my life.

So if you don't like books that fucks with your mind maybe you should stay clear of this one. There are so many things that I love about Kellan.

If you read this book, you'll understand why. One of my favorite singers is Gavin Degraw. No one can resist the sexy rock star. Additionally, I just hate the idea of sneaking around.

Will I read the next book in the series? At the start of the book she goes on about how perfect her and her boyfriend are and then as soon as she sets her eyes on Kellen she acts as if her boyfriend doesn't fucking exist. She is hospitalised and almost dies. Loathe doesn't even cover it. Yeah, that's right, I said it.

Yes sir, we have another stupid slut on our hands who can't stop eye fucking her boy friends bestie. This story was told beautifully.

She was astonished that Marion had been so thoughtless as never once to think of the terrible distress of Mrs. What made you want to look up thoughtless?


He truly fell in love with Kiera from the first moment he saw her but he had no experience with such feelings. Okay, well those are my general thoughts on the book.

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Yes while reading this real life sucked! This is where the book looses a star for me. Was he a bit too much of stereotypical caveman-type male? We get tangled up in a word with lies and betrayel which makes our head spin. Poor poor tormented Kellan.

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It's easily one of the best books I've ever read if not the best. She is the definition of a filthy slut. Well, girlfriend, you can't have your cake and eat it too, it just does not work like that. The scene is hastily explained through some tears where Kellan apologises but Kiera tosses this aside claiming she is equally to blame for what happened, and then they continue as normal.

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Hate is such a strong word, but yeah, I hate her. New girl Kiera is torn between loyal boyfriend Denny and sexy, local rock star Kellan Kyle. She wanted both men to herself regardless of who she hurt along the way. When he started to beg and fall over Keira he made me want to drop kick him.


He had intense eyes that were busy scanning the crowd of adoring women clustered around the front of the stage. They were often cruel and thoughtless to one another, regardless of their complete commitment to their family. And still, he never stopped loving her. And that he uses sex to cope with it. She always knew in her heart who she wanted to be with, but was to afraid to follow her instinct and instead chooce familiarity and comfort.