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That is, if you have the proof that Taylor is like this. She was seen looking for apartments in her building, not leaving her home.

Ram yea, you guys are two peas in a taylor-stan pod. Ram I actually think Calvin is one of the rare straight ones. This is such a nothing story. Now it seems she has lowered herself into Kardashashian territory of petty gossip of other celebs.

In other words, anyone but Taylor because she does not want her. Most people are at least familiar with the name Taylor Swift. Who cares if her album is a flop or not, who is chelsea staub dating except Taylor and her team?

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How about karlie and Cara? Ram yep, they agreed on it and taylor backed out.

Staring you dead in the eye telling you she does not want the giraffe. Of course, there are Kaylor Truthers who believe that Karlie and Taylor were actually romantically involved at one point too. You only believed because you were played for fools by the klosses.

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What is unknown is whether there was some massive falling out, a fight, a denouncement or whether they just grew apart naturally and shrug, sh-t happens. But its Taylor who you are attacking. That big sur trip was a joe riding festival.

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So, knowing this about Taylor, what will she do here? Meanwhile karlie was having Jessica Hart reignite her five year old feud with Taylor. Mark Look guys we got a Swifty stan.

Ram its pretty obvious karlie kloss and taylor swift were romantically involved. And out of that came some serious sex appeal, with long beautiful legs and a great perky ass to match. And that whole speech you gave is some crazy fabrication from your mind. Being a huge Shania Twain fan, she decided to focus on making country music and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a music career.

Trust me, you have got to check these out. Just in time for the tour and the next round of promo, how convenient.

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Ram wow, you swift fans are sensitive af. Swift is the most famous woman in the world or at least I feel thats accurate. You know you want to see Taylor Swift undressed.

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If you shine a bright light, definitely, someone will look that way as you are looking at Ms. Not exercising in the woods. So it really should be karlie and daddy Dr. So who on earth was Taylor sending these sleazy pictures to? Don't miss this ass compilation video we put together.

She is a calculated, vindictive bitch. Let me help you out with some shipping options. Your tinhat masters can only twist and lie to you for so long. Between her personality change and all of a sudden going for older guys, something has happened. You're deep-V diver will thank you!

Teaming up with tom fans only worked when he was dating Taylor. The singer's relationships have been all over the media and she has been very open about her love interests. Whether you hate her or love her, she's all over the damn place. Also she is a kardashian stan. Do you think she could have been sending these to Calvin?

Taylor wearing her mans initial. That fake b tch must be beyond stupid to think that people will buy her schtick again.

FromAfrica Nothing wrong with her, she is pretty. The world laughed at her after her Hiddleston show, even more so when Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor for the liar she is. Do job for few period of time daily and live happy greater time with your loved ones.

Ram I seriously give taylor kudos for playing her stans like a violin. She was there celebrating her boyfriends birthday. It is coming to an end the twists and turns are hitting the wall. Leave it alone girl and concentrate on your career before it goes up in smoke. Photo's from the singer's phone were leaked and we were pleasantly surprised when we saw these pics!

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If she does not do this how do you think will her fans know what is in store for them music wise. Her foolishness is distracting from her career. Hanging in the woods is not promoting any album.

This was the beginning of her new sound and the singer transitioned from country to pop in an instant. This week the new kaylor claim was that Taylor was in Paris with karlie. So can you finally move on and ship karlie with someone actually interested in her? They have great chemistry and are always hanging out together. Taylor and her family never played with your delusions.

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