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In the hopes of recreating the magic that Katrina and Sidharth did, Pakistanis of every shape and size will shake their booties to the beat of this insane song. Pakistani wedding is incomplete without different traditions like Mehndi, Dholki, Mayon, Jaga. With the chiming bells ringing, this mehndi song will lift your spirits. From the cult classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, bollywood movies in blu ray this mehndi song is perfect for having fun.

Salman acts as the dashing groom, charming the shy and beautiful Kajol. This fun track from the movie Shaandaar will have you grooving to its catchy, blaring trumpet. Mehndi rache gea tere haath Dholak bajay gea saaree raat Mehndi rache gea tere haath Dholak bajay gea saaree raat.

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One of the recent hit mehndi songs in Hindi. The lyrics are perfect for a mother who is giving her daughter away in marriage.

Girls perform main part in these events. Gal Mithi Mithi Bol is the perfect dance number that is one of the best mehndi songs in Hindi. These traditions have made wedding entertaining.

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Tenu taqiaa binaa Pyaar mangiaa tera Eh vi jaana na mein Kon dilbar mera Ennaa dihaan ravay Saara jahaan kavay Chuttdda nahin saat din raat da. Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. Fast paced, the beats and accompanying music will get you shaking a leg quicker than you realize.

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This song is such an adorable number. The up-tempo beats and eccentric lyrics complement the scene and convince you that everyone is having a good time. Bharat is a forthcoming bollywood Drama movie directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. Email me my favorite vendors list. Sarkay uttay rohri e, sarkay uttay rohri e Naalay saada challa la leyay, naalay ungal marorhhi e.

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Some aunties still prefer this for their luddi. Jaakey tum saajan ke saath Bhool na jaana yeh din raat Jaakey tum saajan ke saath Bhool na jaana yeh din raat. The song has a swinging rhythm and will make sure everyone is having a good time.

About Careers Contact Advertise. Everyone wishes they could dance as well as Deepika Padukone did in this song.

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Baari vich seekhan ne, baari vich seekhan ne Teray naal nahin-o-vassanan, teri guttan vich leekhan ne. The older generation will love it as it pays tribute to the older song of the same title. Duniyaan ton pyaar milay Koi dildaar milay Aandaa swaad gal baat daa Khilrre ney vaal mere Rehna mein naal tere Vaadaa ae pehli mulaqaat da. It even tells you how much you have to drink! This mehndi song is catchy, energetic and will get the party started fast.

Want to party like a boss? Made famous by the beautiful Sunny Leone, this catchy song must be the only one played at almost any and every wedding function around the country just guessing. This Punjabi song has become a classic of sorts.

This is an evergreen mehndi song, popular even now, more than a decade since it first arrived. Party All Night will get everyone pumped to dance the night away. Kangna baghon mein jo khanke Kholey bhed yeh tere man ke Kangna baghon mein jo khanke Kholey bhed yeh tere man ke Chahey karo na koi baat Sab ney jaan liyay jazbaat. This song is the traditional blockbuster dance number. Tussi saikal chalaanday o, tussi saikal chalaanday o O thaddi ki lagdi, jinoon naal bithaanday o.

There needs to be a song that gets all the desi thumkas started. Another from the fabulous on-screen pairing of Deepika and Ranbir, this song was a smash hit as soon as it was released. Galla Goriyan is the perfect mehndi song to get everyone in the groove. The typical Punjabi beat, as well as the strong vocal performance, make it a must have.

This one goes without question. No wedding celebration is complete without this show-stopping number. Jo mein hoti raaja tauri maliha Jo mein hoti raaja tauri maliha Chipak jaati raaja tauray bangalay pe Chipak jaati raaja tauray bangalay pe. From the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, this up-tempo song is catchy and fun and sure to get the whole family dancing. In this age of selfies, no ceremony is complete without dancing along to this track and taking a quick selfie.

What better song to have for a wedding than this upbeat track? The first Telugu mehndi song on the list, this one is catchy and sounds distinctively South Indian.

From the chiming bells to the classic music vibe, this song will get everyone swinging along to its catchy beat. This funky song mixes its techno with a traditional beat and makes the perfect dance track.

This mehndi song is a great way to get the celebrations rolling. If you combine a list of the best mehndi songs, Dilli Wali Girlfriend has to be on the list. London Thumakda from the movie Queen is one of the best wedding songs.

The song is a playful duet, an exchange between the man and woman. Shankar Mahadevan, the vocalist, adds a unique twist to this hit tamil wedding song. From the moment you hear the first trumpet blast, you know this is going to be epic.

Mein kuch kehna saka Shaanon se jub aanchal gira Gori tum woh din yaad karo Gori tum woh din yaad karo. All the larkis who think they are beautiful and make guys go chull will put this on the playlist. The song leaves you in no doubt about what you have to drink. This peppy track from rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is dedicated to all the beautiful ladies dancing with their heels on. And then having a family there, and trying to provide for them is the biggest challenge.