P.g.medical M.c.q.

P.g.medical m.c.q.

The principles of physical education. Fundamental Skills o o o o o Take downs, Leg tackles, Arm drag. Curriculum foundation in physical education.

Sport medicine exercise and fitness. The mechanics of Athletics.

It determines the number of hours of instructions required per week. Fundamental skills Swimm with the ball Passing Catching Shooting Goal keeping Rules of the games and responsibility of officials Introduction of Diving sports.

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Gliding with and without kickboard. Function of the Autonomic nervous system and Central nervous system. Administration of physical education and athletic programme.

Areas of Health education, Physical education and Recreation. Effect of Ficus sycomorus L. Types of Hurdles Ground Marking and Officiating. Sports training principles.

To implement the following grading system, the colleges and universities can use any one of the above methods. The following are the various categories of courses suggested for the B. Delbert physical education. Fundamental Skills o Player Stances walking, hand positions, front-leaning, side-fighting. The mechanics of athletics.

Bariatric surgery for morbid obesity. Player stance Stance - Right hand stance, gta lcpd left hand stance. Indus Valley Civilization Period.

The total minimum credits, required for completing a B. Health and physical education, Gupta Prakashan. Meaning, Importance, Principles of program planning in physical education. Heading-From standing, running and jumping. The biomechanics of sports techniques.

P.g.medical m.c.q.

All formalities for revisions in the syllabi should be completed before the end of the semester for implementation of the revised syllabi in the next academic year. Physiology of sports and exercise. Absolute beginners guide to computer basics. The marks thus obtained for each of the courses will then be graded as per details provided in R.

Fundamentalsof sport biomechanics. Developing water balance and confidence Water fear removing drills. Statistics in psychology and education.

Eurasia Publishing House Pvt Ltd. Physiological basis of physical education and athletics. Adrenal, Pancreatic and the sex glands. Teaching Methods in Physical Education. Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Frequency Curve.

Methods in Physical Education. Operating system fundamentals. However, the students shall be permitted to complete the programme requirements within a maximum of three years from the date of admission to the programme. Curriculum in physical education. Physique and selection of sports- a kinanthropometric study.

Mount from one bar Straddle walking on parallel bars. Counters for escapes from under-Basic control back drop, Counters for stand up. Escapes from under-sit-out turn in tripped. Player Stances walking, extending walking, L stance, cat stance.

P.g.medical m.c.q.

Physiology of fitness, Human Kinetics Book. Anatomy physiology and health education. Where ever details of any activities are not mentioned, it is expected to elaborate skills by the competent bodies of local Universities.

Philosophy of muscular activity. Yuznia Sari Andhika Putri. Compound or successive parries. Bioenergetics of exercise training.

P.g.medical m.c.q.


Kicks-Inside kick, Instep kick, Outer instep kick, lofted kick Trapping-trapping rolling the ball, trapping bouncing ball with sole Dribbling-With instep, inside and outer instep of the foot. Foundation of physical education. Complete guide to postnatal fitness.

Introduction of water polo game o o o o o o o. University of London Press Ltd. Training Speed, Agility, and Quickness. Administration of Physical Education and Athletic programme. The Respiratory passage the lungs and their structure and exchange of gases in the lungs, mechanism of respiration internal and external respiration lung capacity, tidal volume.

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P.g.medical m.c.q.