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Malin akerman dating colin egglesfield twitter, colin Egglesfield

Nevertheless, Ackerman and Egglesfield certainly make a hot couple. Egglesfield and Ackerman have been spotted together a lot recently. She would make the perfect girlfriend for Egglesfield. Many women could kill to get a boyfriend as handsome as Egglesfield.

Akerman was married to Roberto Zincone in a famous Italian wedding in and also gave birth to the pair's son Sebastian in April. This shows they sure were dating. The pair have been dating for some time now.

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Who is Colin Egglesfield dating? Colin Egglesfield girlfriend, wife

Ackerman, who has a one year old son, recently went through a hard time in her personal life. Surely, doesn't it mean she is no more with him?

Insiders claim that the couple is taking their relationship slow for now and they may not be marrying anytime soon, but it is still a possibility in the future. Despite being a gorgeous woman herself, she might be right about Collin being too hot for her. Egglesfield is best known as Evan Parks from the T. Ackerman has revealed to close friends that she feels Collin is way out of league for her. When they spoke, Egglesfield had his arm wrapped around Hewitt's waist!

Colin Egglesfield

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Her newborn, Sebastian, seems to be her centre of the world now.

Who is Malin Akerman dating? Malin Akerman boyfriend, husband

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Malin Akerman Is Dating Colin Egglesfield

The couples did not choose to reveal the reasons behind their separation. Moreover, she is tangled between her boyfriend and son.

After six years of happy married life, her separation with her now ex-husband Roberto came as a major shock. But the question remaining is, will they be tying the knot anytime soon? The duo was found laughing and having good time together. We have seen and heard about many celebrities being involved with more than one man.

In there was a wild rumor that Egglesfield was dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. As for now, Egglesfield seems to be working on a movie, free thai women dating site The Night Before.

Egglesfield has dismissed these remarks. Ackerman herself is also a beautiful woman with long slim legs and a hot body. Egglesfield, best known as Evan Parks from the T. For now, Egglesfield seems to be the guy that Ackerman needs, especially after her recent divorce with Roberto Zincone. Ackerman feels that a new rebound relationship with Egglesfield would help her drown the emotional pain after her recent breakup with Zincone.

It takes a minute to move through the emotions. They made several appearances in the red carpet together. Like, oh my God, I get to have so much special time with my son now. We hope to see a lot more of Egglesfield and Ackerman in the near future. Although no any source has disclosed their split, the statements above do indicate that she is still a single mom.