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In order to amend this agreement, a written addendum executed by both parties is required. Otherwise, you may use any string of numbers, normally no shorter than four digits, like which is the default passcode used by most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Note that as soon as you release the character held at the tip of the stylus or finger, it is inserted.

This setting is recommended if you want to keep track of what you have typed so far without relying on speech feedback. Previous tab or dialog page. Speech output will be enabled automatically when the keypad is unlocked. There are several methods for entering text using Mobile Speak. Initially, availability was extremely limited, leading to further delays.

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See the Command Shortcuts section for more information. When scrolling through this list, the subject, location, and starting time of the highlighted item will be spoken.

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Change Braille Output Mode. Speak the previous paragraph. This is done automatically when a word is added or deleted.

The width of the border can be customized to your preference. Furthermore, using devices with Braille input keys, you can create and edit documents with any of the currently supported Braille grades and languages. If you keep your finger pressed against the screen at the end of the slide, the gesture will repeat, allowing you to move quickly and easily through long lists or menus.

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For a list of all the Touch Commands available in these layouts, please refer to the Touch Commands section in Appendix A. If inside an application that is not yet fully supported, it is suggested to use one of the other modes Keypad, Joystick or Quadrant to navigate around the screen. Although Mobile Magnifier will automatically detect the area of interest and magnify it in real-time, there may be instances where freely exploring the entire screen is needed. To exit the virtual keyboard, triple tap anywhere on the screen.

For a given language, you must install the language package and at least one of the voices listed. To learn about the Mobile Speak commands, press Command and then a short or long press of a key. Alternatively, you can press the left soft key to open the Options menu and then select Send.

Both text and control information will be available in Braille as you navigate around the mobile phone environment. Why pay when there are so many other free alternative? An activation request for a trial license will be sent to the Code Factory server. Our partners enable us to provide excellent text-to-speech, in many languages, for Mobile Speak products and to incorporate support for over twenty wireless Braille devices into our software. Please check the documentation for your Braille device to find out the passcode used to connect with other devices.

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If at a later time you decide to install additional Code Factory products, or you re-install existing products, you may be required to repeat the activation process. This documentation aims to provide a basic understanding of how to use Mobile Speak to access a Symbian Sbased smartphone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The default key press functionality has been changed in order to provide special functionality and allow easy navigation through the web page. When this option is selected, a list of all available applications on your phone will be listed alphabetically.

Nokia C is currently non upgradeable to Symbian Belle Operating system. Nokia -branded mobile devices. Get the warranty terms for your Nokia phone or accessory. Repeat this command several times until the desired touch mode is activated. In general, varutha padatha valibar sangam movie songs you can perform any command with at most two touch gestures.

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After typing a space, the last inserted word is entirely spoken out. The Braille control type abbreviations vary according to the currently-selected language. Waze is a community driven map where you get live report on traffic, road blocks and accidents. Move back one element in the web page. Been using a stand-alone Garmin for decades but like idea of using larger WinPhone.

The date and time must be correctly set on your phone. To unlock the screen in a phone call, a tactile unlock switch in the right side of the device can be used. Jump forward one element based on the current Jump Mode. Left Space or Right Space.

Code Factory is not responsible for damage that might be caused by the software of other companies that can be installed and purchased separately. Maybe This Is The Article? Remember to delete each package from the Inbox after installation. Note that the only exception to this is the Profile Name setting. You will first be prompted to enter the name of the new profile.

Mobile Speak only replaces phrases that are exactly as defined in the user dictionary. The currently selected profile will be deleted. The earlier firmware versions on many Symbian phones have issues that interfere with the operation of your phone, with and without Mobile Speak installed.

Further, no matter which voices you choose to install first, you are not tied to them. This setting reflects the minimum number of digits that a number must have before the current Number Processing option is applied. Use the command list to perform commands if you do not remember the gesture sequence to reach the desired functionality.

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