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He says that even in the quietness of his surroundings he can hear someone like if someone is calling him. In the last stanza, he ends off the poem by telling about his hope that one day there will be someone who will call for him and need him. Everyone needs someone for his life to be with him and support and protect him. This poem is written by the famous Indian Poet known by his pen name Gulzar. He says that nothing is left in his life, and he is living his life as if he is paying a debt.

Din Kuch Aise Guzarta Hai Koi Lyrics - Marasim (1999)

Dil Tarasta Hai --- Jagjit Singh

Even after this he still has hope in his heart that there is someone who will one day need him and call him. He is being all sad and expresses it that he wants someone to call him and be with him in this lonely situation. Aaina dekh kar tasalli hui Aaina dekh kar tasalli hui Humko is ghar mein jaanta hai koi Humko is ghar mein jaanta hai koi Humko is ghar mein jaanta hai koi Humko is ghar mein jaanta hai koi.

The poet has lost everyone in his life and is now missing his loved ones and expects someone to be there for him. People have their loved ones who are a source of comfort for themselves but the poet is all alone and expresses this situation in a very heartfelt way. When he looked into the mirror and saw his reflection, he realized that yes someone knows him but it was again he his self. He says he is all alone and now he has no one with whom he can share his feelings and stay happy with.

Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi Jaise ehsaan utarta hai koi Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi. Din Kuch Aise Guzarta Hai Koi lyrics from Marasim sung by jagjit singh and music directed by jagjit singh and composed by jagjit singh and lyrics written by gulzar sampooran singh kalra. But now when they are all alone all they want their past back and the people they never cared for back in their lives.

Tumhare gham ki dali uthakar Zuban pe rakh li hai dekho main ne Ye qatra qatra pighal rahi hai Main qatra qatra hi jee raha hoon. It is divided into stanzas of two lines each. Then he expresses his lonely situation and says there is no one in his life to help him be and to talk to him. He is very sad and expressed his sadness in a very melancholic way.

Din Kuch Aise Guzarta Hai Koi Song Lyrics

Din Kuchh Aise Gujarata Hai Koi Lyrics (Marasim (Non Film))

The poet starts off by explaining his condition as he is all alone in his house, scanned image editor and there is no one but himself. It was also used as a song sung by Jagjit Singh. Although he is all alone and has no one to talk to or share things with but he still has hope that there is still someone for him. Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics.

This is a very short poem with only eight lines. Gulzar Sampooran Singh Kalra. He feels as if he is being called and no matter what he will continue to hope for that. He is expressing his worries here and states that the nights and the days are passing as if he is under a certain debt and all he is doing is repaying it. There is nothing left in his life and all he has seems to be a certain pressure under which he is bound.

Din kuchh aise guzarta hai koi

Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Days, weeks and months pass, Repaying a lifelong debt, in a trance.

We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. He has been a poet, a script writer and lyricist and has excelled in every field. He says that when the fruit is all ready to be ripped people start to throw stones at them to make it fall from the tree so they can eat it. Hindi Bhojpuri Bangla Tamil Rajasthani. More songs lyrics from Marasim.

Now when he is at the last stage of his life his heart is filled with sadness and worries. It is a sad poem with the poet expressing the sadness and worries in his heart.

It was sung in and won many awards. He says that he is all alone, and there is no one for himself. As only then they will be able to live peacefully. He says that when finally he looked himself into the mirror he realized that the yeah there is someone for him but its only his own self.

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