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They also offer higher-end desktop, workstation, and laptop options for gaming or professional use. The company offers desktops in multiple sizes and form factors, rar extractor for xp and laptops for power users on the go.

Good solid computers that have lasted a long time. As for the computers themselves, Maingear says it hand-builds every system with a focus on optimal wiring for maximum airflow. You should only do it if you are confident and you are enthusiastic about overclocking I want to overclock Maybe in future I'd rather not. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Labor and phone support are free for the lifetime of the system. But we know buying a pre-built system has its advantages, too. If you don't know what you're looking for, I could see easily getting lost in the weeds. However, the website doesn't have any mention of the company's actual tech support hours.

Feedback is always welcome and can be left at our Uservoice page, which I use as a list of what to work on next! In other words, you have plenty of tech support options, but they'll cost you. They also used substandard parts and straight up lied to me about the manuf. This guide explains why parts from the build generator may have been chosen and can help you with narrowing down part choices for a gaming computer. Our line-up is rigorously tested making sure we deliver the ultimate in extreme gaming performance, Built only for enthusiasts with extreme performance in mind.

Origin's online build process was one of the best I experienced. Additionally, Puget Systems puts a special focus on making sure their rigs are as quiet as absolutely possible, so your computer doesn't sound like a jet engine every time you fire it up. The Xidax website lists several technicians on staff, so it's presumably they offer in-house tech support.

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You highlighted their exceptional build and shipping speed, not to mention their affordable pricing that didn't break your budget. Nice to see some makers listed, in Ohio and Florida, that can supply a better value because they are not located in high cost states. Read more in their nomination thread here.

Xidax Every Xidax computer is hand-built by a single system builder. Still, we encourage you to give it a try! We've shown you how and given you some builds. How much do you want to spend? You weighed in with some great suggestions, and now, in no particular order, are your top five.

After sale, systems are covered with lifetime in-house tech support. Every Alienware system comes with a standard one-year limited hardware warranty, with additional warranties of up to four years available. Uservoice - Give Your Feedback! Great custom computer for the budget minded folks.

You should only do it if you are confident and you are enthusiastic about overclocking. We understand it's a bit of a popularity contest. Falcon Northwest offers a year warranty depending on the product purchased along with lifetime technical support. Budget in mind, our technical team has chosen the most poplar components with the best stability and reliability available in the market.

The company also offers laser etching for your custom desktop or laptop, overclocking before it ships to you, stress testing, and of course, their beautiful liquid cooling options. Buying from a professional builder also gets you warranty coverage and professional tech support, sometimes even for the life of the system. Every Xidax computer is hand-built by a single system builder.

Their systems also come with financing options if you are looking to make monthly payments instead of paying the full price upfront. Storage is also configurable from the build page. Kinja is in read-only mode.

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However, there are also many reasons why I should change the oil on my car myself. Warranties extend only to the original purchaser, and are only effective on systems purchased and operated in the United States.

But contrary to this, selecting your components meticulously will give you a much higher performance ratio. Unlike the other options on this list, though, Falcon Northwest does not offer financing on their systems and so there are no monthly payment options unless, of course, you use a credit card. Don't feel like this is essential, as you can sometimes even get a better rig for the money by not bothering and spending the money on other parts instead. More Advantages Custom computers and its parts will live last longer while meeting all your necessities.

Their customer support is lightning quick, with support techs available around the clock and even on the weekends with some turnaround time. If anything was wrong, View More. Some of the better vendors even go above and beyond this by offering full lifetime phone support so you can always get some help if you ever need it.

This article lost all cred to me when I saw them on that list. You even get photos and video of your build as it's built and before it ships out to you, which is a nice touch. It's hard to say if the warranty price outweighs the savings it provides in repair costs, but it definitely brings peace of mind. The biggest issue is that you have to click into each part in order to see price differences, making it slightly more difficult to compare parts at a glance. Lots of choices for where you want to start out, namely case and pre-configured watercooling options, then pre-configured options that can be further customized.