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But by equipping people to develop relational competency and skills in adjusting to new environments, Elmer believes, the servant spirit will in fact be seen and valued by the local people. By clearly stating that openness means to make people feel welcome and safe in your presence it is easy to understand the connection between openness and hospitality. This is the idea of allowing others to feel comfortable being around a person from a different culture. Does anyone else see this as presumptuous and arrogant? Serving the World in Christlike Humility.

Critique One of the greatest strengths of this book is the fact that Dr. It is the concept of learning about another culture not so that one can fix what they perceive to be wrong but so that it changes their perspective on that culture. It momentarily emptied me of all my wishful thinking built on superiority and arrogance, leaving only the true burden God had long ago placed within my heart for these people.

It is here that this reader takes issue. Joseph was not a willing slave, rather he was forced into slavery. Elmer does a great job of explaining how the biblical writers actually invented a new Greek word to describe the kind of humility Jesus was living and teaching. Second, is chapter fourteens example of Joseph simply fell flat as a concluding chapter. It attempts to address how one can become a servant leader.

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This book will offer a great perspective if they have not ventured into intercultural communication books. The two weaknesses of this book can be found in its concluding section addressing the challenges of servanthood. In part one basic perspectives, Duane Elmer spends the first three chapters unpacking what he means by servanthood and the necessity of humility. Finally, chapter three hones in on the role humility must play in the pursuit of servanthood. True Humility and Servanthood Therefore, with this foundation of humility built upon the true humility of Jesus the book begins to give helpful steps to take to have humility in ministry.

Too often the emphasis rests solely on becoming effective in a task. The chapter seems out of place and forced. The solution to being seduced by power and abusing it is to simply serve. There are times that I must catch myself from placing others into categories and not seeing the person that is caught up in the sin.

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One word of caution though needs to be taken and that is reading this book could forever change the way one looks at the world and the people of God. The primary strength of this section which will be discussed in detail below, is how it assumes nothing in walking the reader through the process of understanding servanthood. The daughter who is in conflict with her father has moved to America and has assimilated to American culture and values. The first section covers the idea of what are the basic tenants of servanthood. By the end of the chapter the author concludes by discussing the role of openness in displaying hospitality.

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Elmer spends the entire book trying to demolish this concept. This book is a healthy check and balance for anyone embarking on an ambitious adventure to change the world. The book is one that can benefit both the short term mission trip participant as well as those that find themselves in a lifetime missionary position.

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Elmer gives a great illustration of his steps in the illustration of a circle with serving in the middle and the ways to get the true heart of humility pointing to it p. He outlines the subtle blindness caused by egocentricism belief that self is at the centre and ethnocentrism belief that our culture is superior to all others.

Even though Jesus made those feel welcome he never condoned their sins but instead made is easy for them to open up to him. Elmer presents a biblical view of servanthood that would serve as a beneficial reminder for all Christians. Finally, chapter fourteen feels forced and out of place in the book.

How the book as a whole builds upon each section really does allow for the greatest retention and opportunity for the reader to think through its principles and applications. Chapter one focuses on the burden and challenge of servanthood, especially in a cross-cultural context. This knowledge alone is insufficient. Most books on humility and servanthood assume to some degree a posture of understanding what one should do to successfully assume a posture of servanthood. Another strength of this book is that it ties the concepts such as ethnocentric and acceptance that are spoken about in many books on missions to Biblical scriptures to explain these concepts.

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Duane Elmer does not assume that posture and this book is better for it. One who serves does what is in front of him, no more and no less, whether that is lead a country or host a bible study.

However, right after delivering one of the gems of the book the author turns his attention to the role of integrity. Although this book is very practical there are a few key weaknesses to the text. Such misguided thinking breeds not only deathly slow progress in ministry on the field, but also disrespect of the host culture, the people, and the Holy Spirit who works within them. This point is seen through examining the purpose of the book. This book helped me understand how corrupting power can be.

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We all cross cultures every day and need to learn to love others as Christ does. Specifically the chapter looks at three texts in Matthew, Luke, and John to demonstrate how Jesus lived a life defined by servanthood. Elmer is making the point that there is no substitute for Biblical truth and it must never be compromised.

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Summary In conclusion, this book should be read by any Christian interested in what cross-cultural ministry looks like, both in a foreign and domestic context. The second section of this book helps those that are looking for practical ways to implement the making of disciples cross culturally easier. However, the previous eleven and a half chapters has focused solely on growing in cross-cultural servanthood, now suddenly, dwa oblicza survivalu online dating the author takes what feels like a sharp turn in the discussion. The final chapter of this book shows through the life of Joseph how to become a true cross cultural servant. Elmer reminds his readers that it is God that made all people and he is the one with the answers in how to deal with these people cross culturally.