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Catherine the great accomplishments yahoo dating, major Accomplishments - Catherine the Great

Early years as empress

Through her successful campaigns against the Ottoman Empire, Catherine the Great made Russia the dominant power in south-eastern Europe. What were Catherine the Great's accomplishments? However, she soon realized that emancipation of the serfs would not be tolerated by the nobility and the other classes on whose support she depended. She founded the first educational establishment for women in Russia and the renowned Hermitage Museum began as her personal collection.

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By the end of the reign of Catherine the Great, the Russian Empire had grown larger and stronger than ever before. Non-Russian opinion of Catherine is less favourable. It was led by Yemelyan Pugachev, an ex-lieutenant of the Russian Imperial army. On the other hand, she adored her grandsons, particularly the eldest, Alexander, whom she wished to succeed her. She is considered one of the greatest monarchs of Russia and such was her impact that the period of her rule is known as the Catherinian Era.

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However, she died before she could make this public. And when they judge Catherine the woman, they treat her severely. Potemkin advised Catherine to take over the Crimean Peninsula in full, strengthening Russia's position in the region. She expanded her empire by conquest and diplomacy making it one of the leading powers in Europe.

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She imposed serfdom on the Ukrainians who had until then been free. She did not love her son Paul, the legitimate heir, whose throne she occupied. Apart from her administrative reforms, Catherine provided an environment where commodities were plentiful, trade expanded and communications developed. At this point, the war with Turkey ended in a Russian victory, and Catherine sent her crack troops to crush the rebellion.

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It also disapproved of death penalty and torture. Rather, their forced labour financed the immense expenditures required for her ever-growing economic, military, and cultural projects. It currently holds over three million items including the largest collection of paintings in the world. She was a woman of elemental energy and intellectual curiosity, desiring to create as well as to control.

Major Accomplishments - Catherine the Great

They were also to elect a Marshal of the Nobility, who spoke on their behalf to the monarch. She endowed it with funds for a library and a building on Palace Square.

She also played a part in the formation of the renowned Bolshoi Theatre and the neighboring Maly Theatre. It also regulated, in detail, the subjects to be taught at every age and the method of teaching. He had a conception of grandeur that escaped the rather pedestrian German princess, and he understood the effect it produced on the people. Catherine dispensed the Russian army to meet the Ottoman Turks on land, while Russian war ships sailed into the Mediterranean. Annexation of the Crimean Peninsula Catherine's peace treaty with the Ottomans stipulated that the Crimea was to be independent from Ottoman rule.

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Reconciling herself to an unavoidable evil without much difficulty, Catherine turned her attention to organizing and strengthening a system that she herself had condemned as inhuman. Catherine now realized that for her the people were more to be feared than pitied, and that, rather than freeing them, she must tighten their bonds.

After initial success, he formed an alternative government and proclaimed an end to serfdom. In Potemkin she found an extraordinary man whom she could love and respect and with whom she could share her power.

She thought the grateful king would reward her by becoming a puppet to Russian interests. The royal physician declared that she had suffered a stroke. She changed her name when she converted to Orthodox Christianity and married the heir to the Russian throne. Her year reign was marked by industrialization and militant Russian expansion. In accordance to the customs prevailing in German aristocratic families, she was educated primarily by a French governess, named Babette.

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Catherine the Great is regarded as one of the greatest Russian rulers. Catherine The Great's family names? Paul I succeeded Catherine as Czar of Russia. She is also perhaps the most renowned empress of the Russian Empire and, due to her achievements, bonnie hunt david letterman dating she is referred to as Catherine the Great. Catherine is also known for her numerous love affairs.