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Bank Online a Banking Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

You can create an engaging and user-friendly website with this template. Unless you have any special requirements all the basic functions can be done via bank website or mobile application.

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Radisson is a trendy looking website template for the hotels and resorts. Animated vectors are used to add life to the template. Font awesome icons are used in this template so that you have plenty of optimized icons to choose from. Fonts used in this template not only looks clean but also adds richness to the look of the template. Simple layout of this template makes it a perfect option for any business website, even the visual effects on this template is kept simple.

With this template you have cryptocurrency calculator, you can use this tool show your investment calculations. The creator of this template has made it easy to customize and update, so developers will find this template extremely easy to work with.

The bright red color scheme is used for the web elements, which looks attractive on the clean white background. For example, the LastPass website, which gives you free strong password building tool, and the Bitly website gives you free link shortener tool.

27 Free Bank Website Templates For Digital Bankers In 2019

Even big companies like Facebook is planning to release their own form of cryptocurrency. If the millennials are your target audience, then this is the template for you. As this template uses the latest frameworks with industry code standards, web developers can easily edit this template. One thing to be noted in this template is it is a one-page template.

Bank Online a Banking Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Please enter a valid email address e. Shadow and depth effects are used for the hover effects, which gives a floating feel on the clean white background. Not only the name the template is also a blend of two website purposes. Overall the Racks is a perfect option for modern digital bankers and for those who want to up their game.

Animated counter are used to show some of your interesting stats to the users. The creator of this template has made it flexible enough to customize for future needs. In the header, you have a big hero image with bold texts and call to action buttons. This business style website template is perfect for all types of professional websites.

Coinbuzz is a perfect online banking website template. Being in a banking industry explaining the plans and financial schemes clearly to the users is a must.

In the top navigation bar, you have space to list your hotline number. As this template uses the latest framework, you can easily integrate it into any modern web applications. It has all the features and options to set up a user-friendly finance website.

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Another useful feature of this template is blog page templates. Just like in the eCommerce website templates you get shopping pages with this template. All the free bank website templates in this list are mobile optimized so you can concentrate on the rest of the customizations. Showing success stories encourages the user to join your latest financial schemes and plans. We have to think very hard to answer that question right, but we use our bank account daily.

Both blog page and single blog page is given in this template to help you set up an active website. If you wish to provide a distraction-free environment for your users, then this template is the best option. In the header, you have an image slider with bold texts to show the latest plans and schemes.

As a result, you get an elegant looking website with lots of useful features. In all the subpages you have a newsletter subscription form widget near the footer section. For most bank websites one page may not be enough, but if you need you can add extra pages to this template. The concept here is simple, when you give a useful feature, people tend to get back to your option. In the top bar, you have the option to change the currency and language.

Carries is a must-have template for web developers. The animation effects are fluid in this template so that the user can have seamless performance across all types of devices. The footer section of this template is made big enough to add other important page links and newsletter subscription form. At the footer, you have space to add a link to your mobile application for both Google play store and Apple App store. Conversion is the main goal of this template.

Even if you already have a well optimized mobile banking application, having a mobile responsive website template is a must. If you are running your bank website to educate the users and give financial ideas to your customers, goon affiliated then this template is the best options.

The creator of this template has given you all the pages to create an effective website in no time. Keeping the news aside, let us look into this template. Bookmark this template, it will come in handy for many developers.

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Minor details make this template a whole and make the overall experience great. At the top bar, you have space for adding contact details and social media profile links. You have manually take care of the tool and customize into the one you want. In the header, you have a typewriter like animation to give an effective intro of your business. Remember me Forgot Password?

Another reason for suggesting this template is its features. You can even add chat support to this template so that the customer can reach you easily. Martxa is a multipurpose business website template.

To increase your credibility you have testimonial sections, which you can even use to show the awards you received. In the footer, you have space to add a few lines about your business and contact details.